30 Gold Reusable Floats

30 Gold Reusable Floats

Magical floating water candles are unique long burning candle wicks and reusable floats that will add an inexpensive yet elegant touch to your home, wedding or event. You can use them in any container, even crystal as the flame never gets close enough to crack the glass. Youcan customize the container to suit your celebration, theme with colouring to match your decor and add fragrance oil for a pleasant aroma.

They are safe and easy to use and each wick will provide at least ten hours of soft, romantic candlelight without any toxins, black smoke or dripping wax. They are also suitable to use outdoor in glass jars. If the container is accidently knocked over, the flames will immediately be extinguished.

 How to use Magical Floating Candles 

  1. Use any glass or china container and fill it 3/4 water.
  2. Add 2 or 3 drops of colouring liquid to the water if you wish.
  3. Pour 2cm of vegetable oil into the water (this is enough to fuel the wicks for 10 hours).
  4. Insert the wicks into the centre of the floats.
  5. Place the floats on the oil. wait! It is very important that you allow a short time for the oil to run down the channels to the wick and absorb the oil.
  6. Optional : Add a few drops of good quality aromatherapy oil to the vegetable oil to create a pleasant aroma.
  7. Light the wicks and enjoy the ambience.

You can also add a few drops of Aromatherapy oil to the cooking oil to create a pleasant aroma.  Each wick should give light for at least 10 hours, provided there is sufficient oil to fuel it. 

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